IT Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance management solutions provide templates, assessment tools and other functionalities to help an organization to meet compliance with some of the most popular standards.

This post lists some Compliance Management Solutions.

List of IT Compliance Management Solutions Providers

  • Microsoft
  • Qualys
  • Check Point
  • Tufin
  • SAP
  • Eramba
  • GlobalSuite
  • SAI365
  • Archer

List of IT Compliance Management Solutions

The compliance management solutions featured in this post are:

  • Microsoft Compliance Manager
  • Microsoft Service Trust Center
  • Microsoft Trust Center
  • Qualys Policy Compliance
  • Check Point Security Compliance
  • Eramba
  • GlobalSuite ISO 37301 Compliance
  • SAI365 GRC
  • Archer GRC

Microsoft Compliance Manager

Official link

It is part of Microsoft 365, and more specifically, Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.

Microsoft Service Trust Center

Official link

It provides support and resources for the legal and compliance community

It is part of Azure and the Microsoft Trusted Cloud Inititative.

Microsoft Trust Center

Official link

You can find different options from the menu bar > “Tools & Documentation”

  • Compliance offerings > Microsoft compliance offerings
  • Compliance Score
  • Audit reports
  • Data protection resources

Microsoft Security Copilot

Official link

Qualys Policy Compliance

Official web

You can check the full Qualys catalog of products for compliance on this link.

Some of the products are: Qualys Global Asset View, Qualys CyberSecurity Asset Management or Qualys Policy Compliance.

Check Point Security Compliance

Official web


SAP GRC is a set of solutions related to Governance, risk and compliance.

Some SAP GRC solutions related to compliance:

  • Enterprise Risk Compliance
    • SAP Risk Management
    • SAP Process Control
    • SAP Financial Compliance Management
    • SAP Business Integrity Screening
  • Cybersecurity
    • SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
  • Data Privacy
    • SAP Privacy Governance
    • SAP Data Custodian
  • Trade
    • SAP Watch List Screening
    • SAP Global Trade Services

SAP GRC Products Portfolio

SAP GRC Community


Eramba is developed by the British company Eramba Limited.

It is a simpler solution compared to the others.

Eramba Official Web

GlobalSuite ISO 37301 Compliance

GlobalSuite products are developed by the Spanish company GlobalSuite Solutions.

It is a simpler solution compared to the others.

GlobalSuite Official Web


SAI365 GRC was formerly as BWise GRC, unitl SAI Global acquired BWise.

A quite complex tool.

SAI365 GRC official web

Archer GRC

A quite complex tool.

Archer GRC official web

Guidelines about Compliance Management

ISO 19600 has as title “Compliance Management Systems – Guidelines”.

Popular IT Compliance Standards

You may check this post about popular compliance standards.

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