Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain

This post lists some cybersecurity conventions or events that are celebrated in Spain.

List of Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain

Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain, in order of recurrence:

  • January
    • Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress
  • February
    • MorterueloCon
  • March
    • RootedCON
  • April
    • Mundo Hacker Day
  •  May
    • Sh3llCON
  • June
    • CISO Day
    • Security Forum
    • JNIC
    • C1b3rWall
    • No cON Name (NcN)
  • October
    • Securmática
    • ENISE
    • Navaja negra
    • Cybersecurity World
    • Mundo Hacker Academy
    • CyberGasteiz
  • November
    • Jornadas Internacional de Seguridad de la Información
    • hack4edu
  • December
    • STIC CCN-CERT Conferences

Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

Barcelona, Spain.

Yearly in January.


Cuenca, Spain.

Yearly in February.


Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in March.

It is probably the biggest cybersecurity event in Spain.

Mundo Hacker Day

Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in April.


Santander, Spain.

Yearly in May.


CISO Day 2023 – El mayor evento en España en torno al CISO

CISO Day is organized by Security News.

Madrid, Spain

Yearly in June

Security Forum

Security Forum is organized by Plataforma de Negocio.

Barcelona, Spain.

Yearly in May-June.


JNIC (Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad), organized by INCIBE.

It is celebrated in a different city in Spain each year.

Yearly in June.

It is focused on research on cybersecurity.


Ciberwall, stylized as C1b3rWall and also called Congreso de Seguridad Digital y Ciberinteligencia (in English, Cyberintelligence and Digital Security Congress).

Escuela de Policía Nacional, Ávila, Spain.

Yearly in June. Since 2021.

It is organized by the National Police of Spain (Policía Nacional) and Institute of Forensic and Security Sciences (Instituto de Ciencias Forenses y de la Seguridad) from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

No cON Name (NcN)

Barcelona, Spain

Yearly in July

Cybersecurity World

Madrid, Spain,

Yearly in October.

Organized by CloserStill Media.


Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in October.

Organized by SIC magazine.


Encuentro Internacional de Seguridad de la Información (ENISE).

León, Spain.

Yearly in October.

Organized by INCIBE.

Navaja negra

Albacete, Spain.

Yearly in October.

Cybersecurity World

Yearly in October.

Mundo Hacker Academy

Organized by the same people as CISOverso.

Yearly in October.


In Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

Yearly in October.

Jornadas Internacionales de Seguridad de la Información

Organized by ISMS Forum

Yearly in November.


Hackaton, organized by Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Telefónica and La Caixa.

Yearly in November.

STIC CCN-CERT Conferences

Madrid, Spain.

Yearly in December.

Organized by CCN-CERT.

Sites listing cybersecurity events in Spain

INCIBE’s Cybersecurity Event List

Former Cybersecurity Conventions in Spain


EastMad4Hack took place in Arganda del Rey, Madrid.

Its first edition was in 2016, and the third and last was in 2018.

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