How to download ATRESplayer Videos

ATRESplayer is a video streaming platform that streams videos from Antena 3, La Sexta and other products of Spanish group Atresmedia Televisión.

This post explains how to download videos from ATRESplayer platform.

The post was written on February 2022. The content and technology on may change over time, so there may be one point where this post is no longer current.

Steps to download ATRESplayer videos

1. Set up your system to be able to run AdobeHDS.php script

ATRESplayer uses Adobe HTTPS dynamic streaming (HDS) technology to stream the video. So we need to be able to work with this type of video.
AudioHDS.php is a PHP library that allows to process Adobe HDS videos. We need to download AudioHDS.php script and set up our system to run it to be able to download ATRESplayer videos.
Please check this post about how to run script AdobeHDS.php on Ubuntu. If you are running Windows, macOS or any other system, instructions would be quite similar but you need to be able to make work PHP on your OS.

2. Get the URL of the ATRESplayer video you want to download

Locate and find the URL for the video you want to download.

As an example, you can get this URL:

3. Get the manifest file from video

Go to web “Descargaratresplayer“, enter URL and click.

It will return some URLs, including the F4M manifest URL referencing an .f4m file.

The manifest file from the URL used as example would be:

4. Download video from manifest file using AdobeHDS.php

Go to OS terminal or command line, go to the folder where AdobeHDS.php is located and type:

php AdobeHDS.php --manifest

where is the URL to manifest file.

In the example given in this tutorial, command would be:

php AdobeHDS.php --manifest

If you are using Linux, you may need to add “sudo” to the beginning of the command to make it work.

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