Source Code Repositories as a Service

Code repositories are applications to store software source code. It adds functionality like control version, team chat, etc.


Git is an open source version control system (CVS) that provides code repositories. As many code repositories as a services are based on it, it is recommended that you are familiar with its concepts.

You can read more avoid Git on this post.

List of Code Repositories as a Service

There are different companies offering Git repositories as a service. This post lists some popular solutions for code repositories.

Code repositories as a Service, it means, in the cloud:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • SourceForge
  • Bitbucket
  • CircleCI
  • TeamCity
  • Gitolite
  • Gogs
  • Gitea

GitHub is a subsidiary of Microsoft since 2018.

It is closed source.

You can read more about GitHub on this post.


It is open source for community edition.

It was the first one to be free for open source projects.

By Atlassian.



It is open source.


It is open source.


It is a fork of Gogs project.

It is open source.

Security Guides to work with Source Code Platforms

You can find a guide to work with source code platforms on this external link.

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