How to get a Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

The Royal Mint of Spain, also known with the acronym FNMT (from the Spanish Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) is a public institution of the state of Spain that, among other tasks, issues digital certificates for natural persons (in Spanish, certificado digital de personas físicas) that are available for all their residents. It is also known as User FNMT certificate (in Spanish, certificado FNMT de usuario)

There are two types of digital certificates for natural persons:

  • Software digital certificate: the certificate can be installed as a software on any computer.
  • DNIe: the certificate will be linked to the physical DNIe card, so the certificate will work on any computer that is able to read this card and has the corresponding drivers and software installed.

This post is about how to get the digital certificate for natural persons, and more specifically, the software digital certificate.

Steps to get a Software Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain for the first time

Step 1. Apply required configuration on your computer

Remember that you must use the same computer throughout the whole process. Ensure you have admin privileges on the computer to install software and modify configuration. Do not format your computer until the process is finished.

You must install the FNMT-RCM Configuration Wizard. Go to this external link, find your operating system, download and run the installer and follow the steps

More info about FNMT-RCM Configuration Wizard (in Spanish)

If you want to sign documents using your digital signature, you need install a software capable of doing it. There are many applications, and Adobe Reader is one of them. The Ministry of Economy of Spain has its own signing application called AutoFirma, and it can be downloaded from this external link. Choose your OS and download the installer.

Step 2. Make a request to FNMT

Once the first step is completed, you can make a request fo a Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in FNMT from this external link.

Step 3. Find a validation office nearby

Once FNMT Digital Certificate is request, you must go physically to a validation office in order to authenticate your identity and get your digital certificate.

You can find a map with all offices nearby you. They are all public administration offices.

Step 4. Request an appointment to validation office

Request an appoint in the selected validation office. This process varies according to the institution, as there are local town hall offices, tax institutions, social security offices, etc.

Som examples:

Appointment for Tax Agency of Spain

Appointment for Social Security of Spain ( Social Security of Spain > Citizens > Prior appointment for beneficats and other procedures >>  Make an appointment for pensions and other benefits > No certificate)

Appointment for Salamanca Town Hall (choose “Trámite: certificados digitales”)

Step 5. Confirm your identify on validation office

When you go to the office, you will have to show your ID to prove your identify, like your DNI, NIE or passport.

You will have to wait one hour before being able to download your digital certificate.

Step 6. Download your digital certificate

Once it is validated, you can finish the process by downloading this certificate from this link, on the computer where you made originally the request.

This certificate can be installed on any computer, but you need to remember the password.

Double click on the file to start the installation process.

Renew your Software Digital Certificate for Natural Persons in Spain

You can find further information here.

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