List of Android App Marketplaces

List of Android App Marketplaces

Google Play

The Android marketplace provided by Google. It is installed by default on Android smartphone, and thus it is the most used.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon’s attempt to create its own Android marketplace and compete against Google.


It works with repositories, in the same way as APT in Linux systems. It means that anyone can create its own repository and add it to the Aptoide catalog. They assure that all apps inside their repository are malware-free, as they apply different checking procedures. More info on this link.

In addition, Aptoide maintains its own main catalogue under the generic name “Apps Store”.


All apps inside this catalog are using open-source licenses, so all apps are open-source and for free.

It is a fork of Aptoide solution.

It is multi-repository, but there are not that many as in Aptoide..




Only free apps

Only games


Only games. Japanese.




Modified apps

Marketplaces from Manufacturers

There arre many marketplaces from manufactures, as for example:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Store
  2. LG Smartworld
  3. Huawei App Store
  4. Sony Apps

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