Mockups, wireframes, prototypes on Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is globally known as an application that allow users to create diagrams. But it is less known that among this diagramming powerness there is also specific funtionality that allows to create your own mockups, wireframes or prototypes for software development.

This functionality currently only available on latest desktop versions (Visio 2019, Office 365) with Visio Plan 2. Visio 2016 for example, do not contain default stencils for this kind of diagrams. As this is being written, Visio web app does not support wireframes, but if you are interested that Microsoft develops this functionality you can vote for it on UserVoice.

Documentation about wireframe templates in Visio

Official link explaining the possibilities of wireframe templates in Visio:

Instructions to create a wireframe diagram for user interfaces in Visio

Wireframe Stencils for Visio

Microsoft provides official Visio wireframe stencils since Nov 2017.

Before this time, users needed to import third-party stencils manually in order to be able to wireframe. Some of them can be found below:

Nick Finn’s Wireframe Stencil

ArtfulBits Android GUI Prototyping Stencil

External References

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