Evolus Pencil

Pencil is a multi-platform desktop application developed by Evolus, a group based in Vietnam. Its attractive if that it is one of the most widely used open source and free wireframe applications.

Useful links

Official webpage


GitHub project


Google Code



Official links are broken

iOS Wireframe (v2)

iOS GUI (v2)

Android.GUI (v2)

Dojo UI Widgets (v6)

ExtJS Neptune (v14)


How to add an stencil

Download a Stencil from the internet. Some official stencil examples can be found above.

Method A)
Uncompress file in a folder. Go to Menu > Tools > Developer Tools > Load Developer Stencil Directory… Select .xml file in root uncompressed folder.
Method B)
Go to “Manage collections…” (button on the left bar, bottom left). Click on “Install from File”. Select stencil zip file.

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