How to merge PDFs

Here there are some propositions about how to merge PDF documents.

Tools to merge PDFs

This section provides tools to merge PDFs.

There are two main sections:

  • On-premise tools, that requires to be installed on your device
  • Online tools, that can be accessed from a web browser

On-premise Tools

On-premise tools require installation.

Instructions differ depending on the operating system:

  • Windows
  • macOS


There is a limit in Windows to print up to 16 files. If you need to print at the same time more than 16 files, do it in batches.

Windows apps to merge PDFs featured on this post :

  • PDFsam
  • PDF Merge & Splitter

To merge PDFs, use free and open source (FOSS) tool PDFsam Basic.

During its installation ensure you uncheck a checkbox during installation that allows to install Enhanced version instead.

This tool is FOSS, under an AGPLv3 license.

PDFsam official website

PDFsam code repository

PDF Merge & Splitter

PDF Merge & Splitter is a freeware tool developed by company AnySoft.

It can be installed directly from the Microsoft Store.

PDF Merge & Splitter at Microsoft Store


macOS tools, like:

  • Preview

Default PDF app in Mac is Preview. It allows to edit and merge PDFs.

You can find more info on this link.

Online Tools

Take into account that using online tools implies that a third party receives your PDF and can

I do not recommend using online tools for private or confidential documentation. In those cases, better use the on-premise versions better.

PDF Merge!

Online tool.

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