Currency Exchange Rates in SAP FI

Exchange Rates can be entered as Direct or Indirect Quotations.

In Direct quotations we give the multiple of base currency to the Foreign Currency.

For eg :

1 EUR  =  0,88 * 1 USD

For Indirect  Quotation it will be:

1 / 0,88 EUR  =  1 USD

We can force for each Currency Exchange whether direct or indirect quotation must be used:

  • Transaction ONOT
  • SPRO > SAP NetWeaver > General Settings > Currencies > Specify standard for Exchange rate

This table is TCURN.

The program to enter this Exchange rate can be accessed from:

  • Transaction code OB08
  • Transaction code S_ALR_87005820
  • SPRO > SAP NetWeaver > General Settings > Currencies > Enter Exchange Rates
  • SPRO > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Planning > Basic Settings for Planning > Define Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange rates are stored in table TCURR.

Some Exchange rates may be highligthed in red:

If the field content is highlighted (usually in red), then you have set the indirect quotation method of exchange rate entry for that currency pair in Customizing.


If this is the case, put the Exchange rate in the Direct column, or viceversa.

Functions related to Exchange Rates:


(when running these functions on transaction SE37, you may need to scroll right the results in order to find the results)

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