Managing WBS Elements in Project Versions for PS in SAP ECC

A project version in SAP PS shows the state of the project at a certain point in time or at a certain status. It is like an ‘snapshot’ of the current state in SAP PS.

Table VSPRPS_CN stores versions for WBS Elements.

Project Version is linked to a Project Definition through the Project Profile (transaction OPSA).

Project Versions can be managed in:

  • Project System > Project Versions > Create Project for Project Versions
  • Transaction OPTS

When copying a Project Version, it will be asked which entries will be copied. Click on “Copy all” to ensure all entries are copied.

It is possible that you create a WBS Element, release Project, then you delete WBS Element (with no errors), but when you try to create again the WBS Element, there is an error (number CJ026). This is because all WBS Elements have been copied to Project Version, even the deleted ones.




The solution for Project Definitions yet to be created is to untick WBS Element from Project Version before creating any projects. The error disappear only on projects yet to be created.

I don’t have a definitive solution to fix existing projects, but I have been reported that deleting related registries in table VSPRPS_CN works. Please contact me if you know a better solution in order to update the post.

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