How to access Whatsapp using Pidgin Instant Messenger

Whatsapp is a propietary software that uses the protocol XMPP to exchange messages. On the other hand, Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messenger that can implement simultaneously different instant messenger services from different providers (Outlook, GTalk, ICQ, etc.).

It is possible to configure Pidgin to implement the Whatsapp account. However, it is not an automatic simple task due to Whatsapp not being interested in opening the API for its program.

1. Get the Whatsapp password of your account

Follow the steps detailed in this article from Philipp H. Deckel:

2. Install the Whatsapp plug-in for Pidgin

Install the Whatsapp Purple plugin for Pidgin.

You can get instructions about installation for Windows and Ubuntu from this address:

3. Configure Pidgin with your Whatsapp account

Run Pidgin. Go to Menu Bar > Accounts > Manage Accounts. Then enter the info for the Whatsapp account and click on “Add”.

Once you go back the Whatsapp, you should be able to exchange messages with your Whatsapp buddies from Pidgin.

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