Remote Access to the University of Salamanca’s Online Resources

The University of Salamanca offers to his members (professors, students and other related staff) a wide range of electronic resources, e-books and online magazines. This information is mainly accesible from the computers inside its network. However, it is also possible to access this information from a computer out of this university. This tutorial is about how to remote access to the University of Salamanca’s online resources.

To be able to access this information from your home computer, you should first configure your web browser to use a proxy. Remember that once you have finished to use or download the University’s online resources, revert the changes and conserve your initial configuration. It is not safe to be connected to a proxy permanently.

The proxy address given by the University is the following one: This is the address that you should enter when the proxy address is prompted.

I will explain how to change the proxy configuration focusing on two popular web browser. In case your version differ or you use a different browser (Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.) you can find many good tutorials regarding the issue in Google.

Using a proxy in Internet Explorer 11

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Settings.
  2. Select the “Connections” tab and press “LAN Settings” button.
  3. Mark the last option.
  4. Check “Use automatic configuration scripts” and “Use proxy server for LAN”.

Using a proxy in Mozilla Firefox 28 and prior

  1. Go to Tools > Options (Windows) or Edit > Preferences (Linux).
  2. Press “Advanced” button, select “Network” tab and press “Configuration”.
  3. Check “URL for proxy automatic configuration” and enter your proxy address.

Some information (as your user name or id and password) may be required to confirm your identity.

Following these steps, we will be able to access all the information from the index page

Remember to revert the proxy configuration changes once you have finished.

Disclaimer: this post is a tutorial about how to access to University of Salamanca’s online resources, which should be only accesible to members of the academic community. Although this information is made public in Universidad de Salamanca’s webpage, you must only make use of these resources if you belong to this institution.

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