How to set up your Computer to start using DNIe cards in Windows

DNIe card (the identity card used by citizens from Spain) contains a chip that allows users to perform administrative operations online. This is a guide of how to install the drivers and software needed to operate with DNIe card.

1. Install the drivers for the card reader

It is possible that your computer includes an integrated card reader, or that you need to plug an external card reader.

If the card reader is integrated in the computer, it is most likely that drivers are already installed, but it is always better to check.

In any of the both cases, drivers can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer. Install them in case they are not already installed.
In my case, I was using the external card reader Sveon SCT016, and as the device box did not contain the CD with the drivers, I had to download them myself from this link:
2. Run the DNIe Installation Wizard
There is a wizard availabe for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) operating systems. You can download them from here: DNIe Installation Wizard (“Asistente de Instalación del DNI Electrónico” in Spanish) is a Java program, so make sure it is install. You can download Java or check if you have it already install from:
Once you ensure Java is running, run the DNIe Installation Wizard and follow the instructions.
3. Install the Chryptographic Module for DNIe
If you want to run the program from Mozilla Firefox, you will need to install the . This is because plug & play driver is based on architecture Smart Card Module, that works on Explorer and Chrome. However, Firefox is using the PKCS#11 architecture, so an additional chryptographic module would be needed.
Chryptographic Module for DNIe (“Módulo Criptográfico para el DNIe” in Spanish) can be download from:
Download “Chryptographic Module for DNIe” for Windows 7/8 64-bits
So far, it only worked for me on Mozilla Firefox. When I tried it in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, the card could not be read. If you are experiencing problems and need to uninstall the corresponding DNIe drivers and software, follow post “How to uninstall drivers and certificates related to DNIe in Windows“.

External References

  • Usa tu DNI. {Spanish} This web is addressed to general users that want to use the DNIe. It includes links to some other related Governamental webs including downloads and information about DNIe.

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