How to permanently turn off Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Sometimes it is required that local applications in Windows (i.e., Excel) and SAP client use the same decimal formatting (for example, either dot or comma). Following these steps we will get to align both system, and avoid decimal conversion processes:

  1. Check Windows Regional OptionsWindows configuration can be changed / displayed in the following path (Windows XP):
    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Optionswin_sap_decimals_01

    All details will be displayed when clicking on “Customize…” button.


    Check that all values are as desired.

  2. Check SAP User OptionsUser customized configuration can be accessed in different ways:
    SAP Easy Access screen > Menu Bar > System > User Profile > Own Data
    – or –
    Enter transaction SU3Then click on “Defaults” tab.


    Check that all values are aligned with Windows.

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