How to check Outlook Web mail from Mozilla Thunderbird

Some users prefer to use a desktop e-mail client (like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird) instead of webmail applications (like Gmail or Outlook web), but sometimes the decision is not in their hands. This would be the case of those employees who were asked to replace the Outlook mail client with Outlook Web mail.

However, there is a chance for these users to configure their system to use a mail client despiste having only Outlook Web. Here there are some instructions to be able to check Outlook Web mail from the free e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird, with the aid of the free gateway DavMail.


1. Download DavMail

DavMail is a free open-source exchange gateway that allows users to use any mail client, including Outlook Web.

You can download it from here:

2. Install DavMail

Follow the instructions to install DavMail.

3. Setup DavMail

This tutorial explains how to configure e-mail for IMAP protocol, as it is considered more suitable for users who may check their e-mail from different computers. Some users may prefer POP3 protocol, but this tutorial will assume we will be using IMAP.

Run DavMail and enter the following data:


Select the “Network” tab and mark the checkbox “Use system proxy settings”:


Encryption tab:


Logging tab:


“Advanced” tab:


4. Download Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open-source mail client.

It can be downloaded from:

5. Install Mozilla Thunderbird

Follow the instructions on screen.

6. Setup Mozilla Thunderbird proxy

This step only applies in case you are using a proxy (step 1).

In case Menu bar is not available, right click on the empty space at the top and click on “Menu Bar”:


Now pen Mozilla Thunderbird, close any window and select “Tools > Options” from the menu bar.

Select the “Network and disk space” tab and click on “Settings”.


Select the option “Use system proxy settings”:


7. Setup e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

Go to File > New > Existing Mail Acount…


Enter your name, e-mail address and password. Mark “Remember password”.


Click on “Continue” and the on “Manual configuration”.


Fill the rest of fields as displayed:


Then click on “Try again”, and then on “Done”.

Mark the “I understand the risks” checkbox and the clic on “Done”.


Now you will be able to start using Thunderbird and check your Accenture e-mail!

Note: if you are using a shared computer, you should consider using encryption between DavMail and Thunderbird.

Note 2: this post only explains how to configure the e-mail account. For instructions about how to configure the calendar, please check this post.

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