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List of Penetration Testing Methodologies

This post lists some industry-standard penetration testing methodologies. OWASP Web Security Testing Guide OSSTMM NIST SP 800-115 FedRAMP Penetration Test Guidance PCI DSS Information Supplement on Penetration Testing List of industry-standard penetration testing methodologies OWASP Web Security Testing Guide …

Overview of Software Project Management

This post is  related in some ways related with Application Lifecycle Management (APL), DevOps and Continous integration (CI). Steps on Software Project Management Steps: Planning Development Methodology Requirement Specification Design Implementation Testing Follow-up Transition to maintenance Planning Planning is vital…

List of Tools for Unit Tests

List of Tools for Unit Tests: General UiPath  Java JUnit JavaScript Jasmine MochaJS PHP PHPUnit Microsoft .NET MS Test SAP ABAP ABAP  Unit Tricentis Tosca External Resources Roland Durareli; “Eugenio: memorias de un informático“;  (Spanish)