Geospatial IT Technologies

This post features IT technologies to work with geospatial and geographic data.

Geospatial Data Structures

Geographic data structures featured on this post:

  • GeoJSON


GeoJSON official website

Geospatial Databases

Geospatial or geographic databases featured on this post:

  • PostGIS
  • Mongoose


PostGIS adds support for geographical objects in PostgreSQL databases.

It is FOSS.

PostGIS official website


Mongoose is an ODM (object-document mapper) for MongoDB.

Mongoose can handle GeoJSON.

You can read more about how to work with geospatial data in Mongoose on this external link.

Geographic Libraries

Geographic libraries:

  • Python
    • GeoPandas
    • Shapely
    • PyProj
    • GDAL

Geographic Web Frameworks

Geographic web frameworks featured on this post:

  • Django
    • GeoDjango


GeoDjango is a Django module. It is FOSS.

GeoDjango official website

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