Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions

Application Security Testing (AST) is the process of checking an application in order to identify potencial vulnerabilities and set points for security improvements.

They are different to code testing solutions, as AST focus on security, not other aspects like performance or reusability.

Types of AST

Types of AST:

  • Static AST (SAST)
  • Dynamic AST (DAST)
  • Interactive AST (IAST)

Static aplication security testing (SAST) is used to review source code and binaries to detect problems before the code is loaded into memory and run.

List of Application Security Testing (AST) Solutions

AST Solutions:

  • SonarQube
  • CheckPoint
  • Snyk Code


SonarQube is a free and open source software (FOSS) platform.

SonarQube official website

Checkmarx SAST

Checkmarx SAST is developed by Israeli company Checkmarx.

Checkmarx SAST official website

Snyk Code

Snyk Code

Snyk Code official website

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